About us

We love the mountains and nature and want to share this special place in the Dolomites with you.


The Val Fiorentina is considered one of the most beautiful and original valleys in the Dolomites. No wonder that on one of our many trips through the Alps we were captured by this environment.

Our search began in 2012. After travelling through the Pyrenees, French and Swiss Alps, we chose the Dolomites. The Italian life, the hospitality, the basic facilities in the surrounding villages and the possibility of an active holiday both in winter and in summer convinced us.

A few years after our first meeting, a dilapidated farmhouse came up for sale and the decision was quickly made. Here, in this almost untouched part of the Dolomites, we were able to realise our ideas of holidaying and enjoying ourselves. After almost three years of renovation, we can now share this place with our guests. In daily life we are engaged in architecture, graphic design and photography.

The owners
Sven Dyckhoff
Architect and owner of Flow architects
Raphaela Puhl
Graphic designer and owner of Rapha Ela
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Dutch, German, English

The maso has been situated on this spot for more than 200 years. It is a place full of history, sunny to the south with an breathtaking view of the high mountains and away from the crowds. We hope to be able to offer you an active or quiet and comfortable holiday. 

Sven Dyckhoff and
Raphaela Puhl